Maison Galard-Bonnefoy


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Un champs de vignes s'étendant jusqu'à un petit bois sous un ciel nuageux.Lazy Un champs de vignes s'étendant jusqu'à un petit bois sous un ciel nuageux.
Lazy Intérieur d'une distillerie.

Our story

« Maison Galard-Bonnefoy offers a range of cognacs selected and blended by Mr. Galard, passionate winemaker and cellar master in his family home. »

In 1895, Abel Galard, a wine and spirits trader, inspired by wine criers, acquired a 6-hectare wine estate, near Jarnac in Charente. Moise Galard, son of Abel and Louise, born in 1885, took over the family estate, enlarged the vineyard area and married Jeanne. It was in 1909 that their son Léonce Galard was born, also the year of the appearance of the demarcated geographical area of ​​production of Cognac. Léonce follows in his father’s footsteps in viticulture and is passionate about distillation, he trains in the profession of vintage boiler with a large trading house in Cognac, the Martell house. The latter will, in 1932, install the first Charentais stills on the farm.

Paul GALARD, son of Léonce and Yvonne, born in 1933, started his career as a winegrower early. The Second World War having deprived him of his grandfather, he participated in the production of Cognac with his grandmother, his mother and his sisters. Anthony Galard, son of Paul and Danielle, born in 1976, is encouraged by his parents to return to work. With a solid viticultural know-how and a great mastery of distillation, he perpetuates family history with enthusiasm and passion for extracting the essence of his terroir. His art of blending and his quest for excellence allow him today to offer exceptional brandies.

In 2017 M.Galard, entrusted the global commercial development of its prestigious cognacs to Mme Bonnefoy and M. Villier, within ”Maison Galard-Bonnefoy”.

Lazy Homme sentant l'intérieur d'un verre probablement rempli de cognac.